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Vietnam: Its beauty, culture and people.

April 1-18, 2025  

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Whether it's because two of my children are Vietnamese adoptees, that Vietnam is so unbelievably beautiful, that the culture is so different from ours, or that the people are so friendly and welcoming, there is a special place in my heart for Vietnam. Vietnam is considered to be a very safe country to travel in and has become a very popular destination for travelers. The people are lovely! There is no animosity over the war, people are just warm and friendly. As someone who adopted children from Vietnam, I was thanked profusely by people all over Vietnam for taking care of their children. The Vietnamese are very anxious to share their culture and fabulous cuisine with tourists. Known for its amazing pagodas and temples, Vietnam offers travelers a look back into history, a chance to see landscapes unlike any you have ever seen, and the opportunity to experience ethnic minorities with colorful traditions of their own. At the same time, Vietnam is looking to the future as they develop their sustainability programs that will ensure this gorgeous land remains a special spot on our globe.

Sustainable Tourism in Vietnam

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The government of Vietnam has set 17 sustainable development goals to 2030. Goals include no poverty in any form and anywhere; zero hunger, food security, nutrition improvements and sustainable agriculture development; good health and better social welfare for everyone; quality, equal and comprehensive education, and promotion of life-long study opportunities for everyone; gender equality; enhanced rights and opportunities for women and girls. One way they are demonstrating their commitment to sustainable tourism is through the Community Based Tourism program (CBT).  The CBT program helps remote villages work together to develop an appealing experience to attract travelers. The government helps them get established by providing training and financial assistance to upgrade their properties to include modern plumbing. This allows indigenous people the opportunity to make a better living without leaving their village and maintain their individual cultures. To support their efforts. we will be staying at two different homestays during our trip!

Our goal is to experience the real culture in Vietnam. Yes, we will be visiting the main cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, but also getting out into the villages to immerse ourselves their culture and see the beauty of the countryside.

Activity level for this trip: Moderate
- you must be able to carry your own luggage, climb stairs, get in and out of a van, walk at least 2 hours with stops along the way, and climb in and out of small boats. (Women with mobility issues should consult their physicians.)

Accommodations - We will have a mixture of different comfort levels in our accommodations during this trip, including staying at lovely homes while in the city, sleeping in single-occupancy rooms at a CBT, a couple of nights in one large shared room at a CBT and single cabins for one night on a junk-boat in Bai Tu Long Bay. Pictures of all accommodations are included in the detailed itinerary.


Our Trip

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