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About Kindred Women Travelers

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About Maryann

KWT is not a tour company, nor is it a travel agency. We are trip planners with the goal of bringing together like-minded women who share the same values and who love to travel, who enjoy exploring from a local's point of view, and who love the wonderful traditions and cuisines that are part of every culture.


All trips are organized for small groups with a max of 8-10 women. This allows for flexibility in customizing itineraries to meet the interests of the group. Once in-country, tours are provided by guides who are licensed and insured in their area.  We stay at homes or villas, which offer the opportunity to just chill out if you need a break from sightseeing.  Our trips are meant to be educational, as well as an escape from our everyday lives. We'll take in the sights, learn about the land, the people and the culture. At the same time, we will slow down a bit, not rush out the door at 7am and take the time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. We care about the impact our travel has on the environment and strive to be responsible travelers. Read about our commitment to sustainable tourism.


My name is Maryann O'Connor, founder of KWT, and I always travel with the group. Let's see...what can I tell you about myself? I come from a large Italian family, so wonderful Italian food was a given. Somewhere along the way, I became interested in ethnic foods, developing a taste for Vietnamese, Thai, Middle Eastern, Ethiopian, Mexican and, my favorite, Indian food! My love of these cuisines has certainly enhanced my desire to travel and visit the places from which they originated. While I have not yet been to India, my travels to Vietnam and Thailand were an absolute joy to my taste buds!

I am happy as a clam when I am organizing trips or events. In my younger days, I organized music festivals. After I became the mother of two Vietnamese children, I organized a large cultural event for "Families with Children from Vietnam," attracting adoptive families from up and down the east coast. And now I enjoy planning trips and exploring foreign lands. Hope you can join us!

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About My Family

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Ok, so this photo is obviously a few years old (just before I liberated myself from coloring my hair!) but it gives you a good idea of who I am. My life has been all about my kids. I was so determined to have a family that I stopped waiting for the right guy and adopted 3 kids on my own. A dream come true! Here I am with my oldest two, who are both Vietnamese, and my little granddaughter. My youngest daughter is from the Philippines and refuses to be in pictures (I bet some of you know what that's like!) My first experience with planning an overseas trip was in 2000 when I adopted my son. My daughter (at the age of 6), a friend and I went to the Mekong Delta in Vietnam to bring him home. What a trip! I have had the travel bug ever since.

Enough about me. Let's move on to the fabulous trips that are currently being planned!


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