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July 17-24, 2023



Montreal and Quebec City - Visiting our neighbors to the north seems like a great way to get out of the summer's heat for a while. As two famously French-speaking cities, they have their unique style and energy for us to enjoy. Montreal, a cosmopolitan urban city, has a lovely historic district with cobbled streets, galleries and restaurants. Quebec City, especially the Old Quarter which is one of the finest UNESCO World Heritage Sites, offers a unique atmosphere with it's historic walls still in tact. During this trip, we will experience the "old town" sections of each city, as well as the waterfront region of Lachine, Montreal and the beautiful natural scenery just outside of Quebec City.

Sustainable Tourism in Canada

Canada has truly made sustainability a top priority. Montreal ranked 1st in North America for making tourism more sustainable. Among large cities across the world, they ranked 3rd, above Paris, Berlin and Sidney. It is so important to them that they have developed a Visitor's Pledge which they hope tourists will commit to. Quebec City has also made a commitment to sustainable tourism. Last year they launched a 3-year Sustainable Tourism Action Plan called Destination Quebec, which they hope will make Quebec City an example for other sustainable tourism destinations. To read more about their plan click HERE.

What Makes This Trip So Special

Limited to just 6 women! The beauty of small-group travel is that our itinerary is somewhat flexible and we can make changes to our Itinerary.

Lodging - We will be staying in local homes, not hotels, to experience the area like the locals. This also gives us a chance to really get to know each other. Friendships are made and reunions are often requested after returning home from the trip.

Meals - In each house, the kitchen will be stocked with breakfast foods catered to your preferences. For lunches and most dinners we will be eating out so you can order from the menu - no dining from a limited menu! In addition to dining out, two dinners will be at home, prepared by a private chef.

Activity level for this trip: Easy
- you must be able to carry your own luggage and complete a 2 hour walking tour that covers only a mile and a half.

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