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Paris - Loire Valley - Normandy
The Sites and Culture of France
September 16-29, 2023

Sustainable Tourism in France

In April 2021, the French government approved the New Climate Bill which aims to support the ecological transition by helping France reach its 40% emission targets by 2030. A new procedure for awarding stars to hotels and other accommodation came into effect in April 2022, which includes 243 criteria and emphasizes sustainable development. The government is working to increase inter-regional connections to encourage train travel within the country. Bicycling is also gaining in popularity. The people of France are becoming more mindful of their impact on the environment!

Activity level for this trip: Must be able to climb stairs, get in and out of a van or jeep, and keep up with a 2-hour walking tour.

Initial Itinerary

(KWT reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary and accommodations as needed.)

Friday, September 15th

Most U.S. travelers will want to fly out the evening of Friday, September 15th to the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

Saturday, September 16th

Our trip together begins on the 16th. Plan your travel to fly in and out of Paris. We'll be traveling by van on this trip so we have some flexibility. If we arrive in the morning, we can head into the city before checking into our home for the first 3 nights of our trip. We'll be staying at a lovely house (pictured left), 30 minutes from Paris, with 6 bedrooms and 2 baths. Click here for more photos of the house. We will have a chef come to the house to prepare our dinner.
(Meals: Dinner only)


Sunday, September 17th

We'll head out early this morning for our day in Paris, starting with a 2.5-hour tour of the Louvre, skipping the line with our tour guide. We will have the flexibility to stay longer if we wish. We'll grab some lunch and then meet up with a local resident for a walking tour of the city. By using local tour guides we get a better sense of real life in the city.
(Meals: B,L,D)


Louvre Museum.jpg
Monet's Garden.jpg

Monday, September 18th

Today we make a day trip to Giverny to visit the home and garden of Claude Monet. With our tour guide, we'll walk through the charming village and gardens that inspired some of Monet's paintings. We'll skip the line to enter his house and learn about Monet's life, then stroll through the Japanese-style gardens and lily ponds that he is so famous for.
(Meals: B,L,D)


Tuesday, September 19th

We transition to our next location today in the Loire Valley. But first, we'll drive to Versailles and tour the great Palace of Versailles. We'll follow Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette to discover the palace and all its beauty and secrets. From there we drive a little over 2 hours to our new home in Blois.
(Meals: B,L,D)

Loire Valley House 2.jpg
Loire Valley House 1.jpg

Wednesday, September 20th

Our 5 nights in the Loire Valley will be spent at this lovely home in Blois, a small historical town that was the capital of France during the Renaissance. This lovely home has 6 bedrooms, 9 beds, and 4 baths, and comes with a view of the castle across the river. Click here for more photos of the house. We will spend the day exploring the area.
(Meals: B,L,D)

Thursday, September 21st

We'll be visiting two very famous landmarks today:
   - Chateau de Chambord, the largest castle in the Loire Valley, a UNESCO world heritage site, built in the XVI century.
   - Château de Chenonceau spanning the river Cher, near the small village of Chenonceaux.
(Meals: B,L,D)


Friday, September 22nd

(Meals: B,L,D)

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