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Expat Series

Have you ever thought of retiring oversea? Our Expat Series gives your the opportunity to

Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico - Oaxaca (wuh-HAH-ca), one of the safest states in Mexico, is known as the culinary and cultural hub of Mexico. With it's cobblestone streets and colonial architecture, Oaxaca City offers the country's most vibrant arts and crafts scene, specializing in pottery and textiles. Oaxaca is also known for its indigenous people

  • (mostly Azpotecs and Mixtecs) and their cuisine which is very unique du

  • e to the relative geographic isolation of its peoples, and the cli

  • mates in which foods are produced. Oaxaca's gastronomy is especially

  • known for its seven moles, Oaxaca tamales in banana leaves, and 

  • mescal. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historic center of

  • Oaxaca City and the Archaeological Site of Monte Albán, will give y

  • ou an experience to remember!

Our Expat Series consists of 4 trips. Choose your favorite one or come on all 4 trips.

Trip #1 - Portugal and Spain - May 6-20, 2023
Why we chose these countries:

Our itinerary allows you to take some time for yourself to either relax or attend a different activity that might not appeal to the whole group. It provides the perfect combination of a relaxing vacation, sight-seeing tours and cultural experiences. (KWT reserves the right to make slight changes to the itinerary if needed.)

Activity level for this trip: Moderate - you must be able to carry your own luggage, climb stairs, get in and out of a van, walk at least 1 hour (Women with mobility issues should consult their physicians.)

Trip #2 - Oaxaca Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama Feb 2023

Trip #3 - Equador and Columbia - April 2024

Trip #4 - Asia - Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore

weaving rugs.jpg


Breakfast will be served at the house each morning provided by the B&B staff. Today we start our exploration of Oaxaca with our local, professional tour guide, Roberto, who prides himself on showing travelers the authentic culture of Oaxaca and not just the tourist sites. We'll visit the sixteenth Century Dominican church in the village of San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya, a ninth generation workshop in the weavers village named Teotitlán Del Valle, the Mezcal distillery to see the whole process of making Mezcal, and Santa Maria Del Tule, home to the widest tree in the world.
Meals: B.L.D


Today we will have the pleasure of spending the day with Chef Gerardo Aldeco Pinelo, another Oaxacan native who graduated from the National Superior School of Gastronomy and Tourism with a Degree in the Culinary Arts and Management. We will join him at the market where he will introduce us to many unique fruits, vegetables and spices that we will then use during our cooking lesson. You will learn how to char chiles directly in the flame and the art of making tortillas and quesadillas by hand.
Meals: B, L 

kneading masa for tortillas.jpg


Today is a free day to relax or continue your exploration of Oaxaca. You are free to head out on your own, or to stay with the group to plan the day. There are many options to choose from.

In the early evening we will be going to a Mezcal & Mole Tasting, two of Oaxaca's most notable culinary delights. We will have the opportunity to taste 7 mezcals which will be paired with 7 moles. (Today's activities, other than the tasting, are not included in the cost of the trip.) Meals: B



We will be touring again with Roberto today as we visit Monte Albán (the largest archaeological site in the area), the wood carving village of San Martín Tilcajete to see the “Alebrijes” (wood carved animals famous from this village), the village of Santo Tomáse Jalieza where we’ll see women weaving in their back strap looms.  On our way back to Oaxaca city we will visit the village of San Bartolo Coyotepec to see the black pottery famous from Oaxaca. Meals: B.L.D

mole and mezcal.webp


Today will be our last day with Roberto, and a full day it will be. We'll visit Centro de Artes de San Agustín, an old abandoned factory of unbleached muslin which was turned into the largest art school in Latin America. They have exquisite exhibits open to the public.  We will end our day at Santa Maria Atzompa, the green glazed and terracotta pottery village. Here there is a handicraft market where under one roof you can see what all the families in the village do.  Meals: B.L.D


Today we get the opportunity to learn how to make traditional Oaxacan
chocolate in the 
home of
a local resident.  We will
have a special "Goodbye
Dinner", followed by 
enjoying the night-life
as the Zocalo plaza
comes to life on
weekend nights.
Meals: B,L,D

Zocalo at night.jpg


tamale banana leaves and corn husks.jpg

Sadly, our trip comes to an end. After breakfast we will head to the airport to say goodbye to our new travel buddies. Hopefully we will have an opportunity to travel together again some day. Meals: B

Oaxacan cheese.jpg
Benito Jurez Market.jpg
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