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The "Real" Italy
May 10-24, 2024


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LAKE COMO, EMILIA-ROMAGNA, TUSCANY - Italy is on one the most beautiful places on earth! While we will be visiting some popular areas, this trip will focus on the REAL Italy...not just the touristy sites. We'll spend two weeks living in local homes, touring with local residents, learning more about their country, their customs, their history, their cuisine, their every day life. The trip includes stays in three separate regions of Italy: Lake Como in the Lombardy region, Pognana Lario in the Emilia-Romagna region, and Volterra in Tuscany. We'll enjoy their fabulous restaurants, as well as shop with the locals and cook at home. We'll visit a parmesan cheese factory and learn how to make an authentic Italian pizza. We'll visit a vineyard and sample their wine. This will be a trip to remember!

Sustainable Tourism in Italy


Italy is the one of the environmental sustainability leaders in Europe. Many businesses in Italy are at the European forefront of improving the environment, as well as promoting respect for all people, inclusion and social solidarity. They are leading other European nations in lowering greenhouse gas emissions, consuming fewer raw materials, consuming less energy, and recycling.

Over-tourism is destroying the natural beauty of so many areas. The Italian government is encouraging travelers to visit the smaller, lesser known villages which offer outstanding natural beauty and authentic Italian culture. 

Initial Itinerary
(Kindred Women Travelers reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary as needed.)

This trip is limited to just 5 women! The beauty of small-group travel is that our itinerary is somewhat flexible. It allows you to take some time for yourself to either relax by the lake, or go off on a different activity that might not appeal to the whole group.  Naturally, the group can decide to stay together for an agreed upon outing. One free day is scheduled into each of the three regions we will be visiting.

Activity level for this trip: Moderate - All travelers must be able to keep up with the group: carry your own luggage, climb stairs (many stairs), walk up to 2 miles, and be comfortable taking ferries on the lake.  Women with mobility problems should consult their physicians. (We reserve the right to .......


All travelers will fly into Milan on August 31st so, depending on your location, you may want to book an overnight flight on the 30th for a morning arrival in Italy. We will meet up at the Malpensa airport around 1pm on the following day, Wednesday the 31st. (Those flying out of Boston can coordinate their flights to travel together.)



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Our First Stop
Lake Como


After landing at Malpensa Airport in Milan, we will be greeted by a private driver who will take us north to our home for the first 5 nights of the trip. We'll be staying at a home in Pognana Lario, with a view of the lake. It's an hour from the airport, but oh so worth it? Our Welcoming Dinner will be at the house, prepared by a local chef. (Meals: D)

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We will travel by ferry and water taxi during our stay on Lake Como, exploring several villages along the lake. On our first day, we will work our way north to Bellagio, often referred to as the Pearl of Lake Como. Bellagio is considered the most beautiful place in the Lombardy region. (Meals: B,L,D)


We'll head south today to the beautiful city of Como at the southern point of the lake. We'll visit the Como Cathedral, enjoy the wonderful little streets of the town center, and grab lunch at one of many delightful cafes.  As we approach dinner time, we will visit a local home to learn how to make an authentic Italian pizza!
(Meals: B,L,D)



Tale of two hamlets

(Meals: B,L,D)


Tale of two hamlets

(Meals: B,L,D)