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Kindred Women Travelers
are women who share the
same values. Women who:  

care about our climate

are committed to 
eco-friendly travel
seek out unfamiliar 
cultures & experiences
believe in racial justice
appreciate the contributions
our immigrants have made 

Why just women?

Let’s face it, women relate to other women differently than men do. KWT is unique in that the cohesiveness of the group is just as important as the wonderful destinations we visit. This is a small-group experience designed specifically for like-minded women so that we can make connections with one another and share a home (rather than hotel rooms) to get a true sense of living in a foreign land. You are welcome to come with your friend(s) or on your own.  Women traveling alone will be matched with a roommate, but there may be a singles option as well (see trip details.)


"I traveled to northern Italy with Maryann for 15 days, from Lake Como to Tuscany. She thoroughly researched and planned an amazing trip. Our days were varied and included diverse experiences including tourist points of interest, a cooking class, off-the-beaten track walks through beautiful gardens, and time to sip a cup of cappuccino while people watching. I enjoyed my trip immensely thanks to Maryann's meticulous itinerary!"       - Jane F. from Boston

Arrive as strangers - Depart as friends


Learn more about 

Kindred Women Travelers

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